Newborn hearing screening is available free-of-charge to all babies born in Australia. It is one of the routine health checks performed after a baby is born and is quick and painless way to check the hearing of a baby.

Hearing screening indicates whether or not a baby’s hearing should be further investigated.

As soon as the screen is completed, the parent/guardian will receive one of the following results for their baby:

Pass – a clear response was obtained to sound made in the baby’s ears. It is very unlikely that the baby currently has a hearing loss that would affect early speech or language development.

Repeat – there was not a clear response to sound on the first screen. Another hearing screen will be arranged.

Refer – a clear response to sound was not recorded during two hearing screens. The baby will be referred to diagnostic audiology for further hearing testing.

There are pathways in place in each State for the screening, diagnosis and management of babies diagnosed with hearing loss.